About The Comic

One of the best things about growing up in New Jersey is summers at the shore. Many of us have spent our youth at a job on the boardwalk slicing up pizza, fixing skee ball machines, or perched atop a lifeguard chair. It’s not all sunny days and rainbows though. There are money problems, broken hearts, and customers you’d like to toss into the ocean. This is what A Daze Work is all about at its core.

Finch and Barry are best buds living the summer time dream of working with their friends, dishing out piping hot pies, and dealing with a restaurant full of crabs (real ones, not the ones that require a special cream). They know there are obstacles to overcome to keep that dream alive. Whether it’s their boss squandering the profits on get-rich-quick schemes (Funeral balloons? Seriously?), or an aging refrigerator on the verge of exploding, each day brings a challenge. Through it all, they rely on their friendship to keep the doors open and their sanity intact.

A Daze Work is a workplace comedy where work is the last thing on the characters’ minds. Whether it’s wacky customers, girl-stealing pro wrestlers, or the aforementioned crabs (hard to get rid of), Finch and Barry persevere. Why? When you love the place in life where you’re at, you fight for it.

Some panels we’ve been on

Stan Lee’s Comic Con 2016 Panel