Tim Walsh

Tim Walsh is a graphic designer, web designer, and artist from Toms River, New Jersey. Starting during his teenage years, Tim spent his summers working at a pizza place on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. It was there that his eye for character design and storytelling ability took shape. After late nights grilling burgers and slicing up pies, Tim would draw sketches of wacky customers on paper plates. He’d create short comic strips featuring these characters as well as cartoon versions of his co-workers.

After college, Tim entered the world of graphic design and went on to win a POPAI award and several GDUSA awards for magazine designs, ads and catalogs. He established his own company, Eleven Nine Studios, and now works with other businesses to develop their branding, design logos, and optimize their websites. Tim never lost his love for drawing, and continued to sketch in his free time.

After befriending writer/comedian Chris Robinson, and showing him early A Daze Work comic strips, the two decided to team up. First, they developed ADW as a series of animated shorts on YouTube and ran a successful crowdfunding campaign on TubeStart. In 2016, they developed ADW as a digital comic book and launched it at San Diego Comic Con on a panel with Stan Lee. Tim’s love of drawing is now stronger than ever and his goal is to make A Daze Work into the next “Regular Show,” “Bob’s Burgers,” or “Teen Titans Go.”