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Stan Lee To Launch William Shatner’s Singularity Universe At San Diego Comic Con

I have always said that Stan Lee is one of the hardest working stars at San Diego Comic-Con, attending more panels, launching more projects, participating in more signings and gatecrashing more parties than anyone I know.

On Friday at 12.45 in room 6BCF, he will be launching a new project at San Diego Comic-Con.

The Shatner Singularity Universe panel will introduce the new imprint’s digital comics and Cinematic Graphic Novels, including Stan Lee’s God Woke and A Daze Work.

On the panel are Stan Lee, Shatner Singularity President and Phazer Universe creator Mariano Nicieza, A Daze Work creators Tim Walsh and Chris Robinson, LNL Partners’ Gary Laird and Scott Liggett, and Panelfly President Ed Lang.Jenna Busch is the panel moderator.

Just not William Shatner.

Stan Lee’s God Woke is Lee’s original story of humanity’s quest for meaning and God’s own search for same, adapted by comics great Fabian Nicieza and a team of talented artists.

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